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CABAS Professional Advisory Board Rank Conferral

Teachers and teaching assistants in CABAS® schools receive ongoing, in-situ training through three-tiered training modules leading to CABAS® Professional Advisory Board acknowledgement as a Teaching Assistant, Teacher I, II, or Master Teacher. Teaching assistants in our schools work toward Teacher rank requirements once they complete the TA rank.  Completion of each teacher rank requires at least one calendar year of full-time teaching in our CABAS® schools. The Master Teacher rank may take longer to complete. Teacher ranks consist of three areas of expertise that include competencies that should be demonstrated to specified mastery criteria:

1) Verbal behavior about the science, which includes mastery of
    material presented in scientific texts or research/conceptual

2) Contingency-shaped repertoires, which include teacher presentation of
    instruction and consequation of student responding and management
    of classroom and behavioral contingencies.

3) Verbally meditated repertoires that involve analysis of student or
    class-wide data and decision making, including implementation
    of tactics from the research literature of the science of applied
    behavior analysis.  

Teacher mentors who have achieved the rank of Master Teacher may go on to complete Assistant, Associate, and Senior Behavior Analyst ranks, that include 5 categories of modules dedicated to:

1) Scholarship expansion
2) Peer teaching and mentorship
3) New research findings
4) Direct or systematic replications
5) New conceptual contributions to the science or to the CABAS® model.  

Those who publish research and conceptual papers and who present at national and international conferences may also qualify for Assistant, Associate, and Senior Research Scientist ranks. Advanced ranks are reviewed by a sub-committee of the CABAS® Professional Advisory Board. 


Advanced rank reviews are completed independently by three reviewers.  Candidates may be asked to revise and resubmit the rank or the submission may be returned, and the candidate asked to recycle with the addition of new or different category components.


The competencies included in the CABAS® ranks are those that are in line with a) competencies that are required by accrediting organizations (e.g., BACB or State licensure requirements) and b) competencies related to teaching and curriculum design that data constitute a strategic science of teaching.  The ranks are updated periodically according to new accreditation requirements (e.g., BACB 5th edition task list) or, in the case of advanced ranks, when a review raises questions or concerns that warrant revision or clarification of submission requirements.

Only those whose names appear on this website have achieved ranks that have been conferred by the CABAS® Board. 

Updated 2/2023


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