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CABAS Rank CEU Renewals

Renewal Cycles: To determine the deadline for your renewal cycle, please review the cycle descriptions here. 

Once you have obtained the required CABAS CEUs, you can renew your rank at any time during your cycle, you do not have to wait until the deadline. 

Renewal Fees: 

Master Teacher, Behavior Analyst, and Research Scientist ranks:   125.00

Teacher 1 and Teacher 2:                                                                        75.00

Teaching Assistants:                                                                               50.00

For the June 1, 2023-May 31, 2025 reporting cycle, you are required to submit permanent products of your CEU events.  Once you have submitted the renewal form below, please email permanent products for your events to:   

For CEU questions, please email

Click here to download the CABAS CEU Self-Reporting Form

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