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12th International Conference
March 22-23, 2024
The Woodlands,  Texas

Conference Highlight
Keynote Address- Dr. R. Douglas Greer



Doug Greer is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Teachers College of Columbia University and currently Senior Research Scientist for the Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching (FASST). He has served on the editorial boards of 12 journals, published over 200 research and theoretical articles in more than 23 journals and is the author, coauthor, or coeditor of 14 books and the ELCAR curriculum and inventory of repertoires for preschoolers. Two of his most recent books are translated into Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese. Greer has sponsored 264 doctoral dissertations, taught numerous teachers and psychologists, founded the Fred S. Keller School and the CABASÒ model of schooling used in the USA, Korea, Spain, Ireland, Italy, China, and England ( He has been involved in basic and applied experimental research for 55 years in schools with students, teachers, parents, and supervisors as well as pediatric patients in medical settings. He and his students and colleagues have identified: (a) verbal and social developmental cusps and protocols to establish them when they are missing in children, (b) conditioned reinforcement by observation and denial conditions, (c) an organizational systems science of schooling, and (d) the stimulus control for incidental bidirectional naming. Doug is the recipient of the Fred S. Keller Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education from the American Psychology Association, a Fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, the ABAI award for International Contributions to Behavior Analysis, May 5 as the R. Douglas Greer Day by the Westchester County Legislature and the Jack Michael Award for Contributions to Verbal Behavior. The ABAI award for Institutional Contributions to Behavior Analysis to Teachers College Columbia University and CABAS® is scheduled for the May 2024 ABAI convention. He has served as guest professor at universities in Brazil, China, Spain, Wales, England, Japan, Korea, India, Ireland, Germany, Italy, USA, and Nigeria.

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