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Jigsaw CABAS® School is based on Dunsfold Park in Surrey (c. 35 miles outside London) in the UK.  It is the only fully accredited CABAS® School in Europe and is one of around 14 schools in the UK offering a curriculum based on the principles of behaviour analysis.


The School first opened in September 1999 providing a much-needed resource for 6 local children. 22 years on and the School now provides a primary and secondary resource for up to 80 pupils – from 4 through to 19 years of age. The School has strong links with local authorities and other provisions and continues to develop its broad curriculum and strategies for inclusion.


Jigsaw School currently has 20 staff certified as behaviour analysts with the CABAS Board (CABAS Teacher 1) and 7 staff certified as CABAS® Teaching Assistants. Of the 20 staff who have completed the CABAS® Teacher I rank, 15 of these have also completed the CABAS® Teacher II rank and 7 have completed the Master Teacher rank.  Two staff have completed more advanced CABAS® ranks and 8 of the behaviour analysts at Jigsaw are also certified with the BACB. Staff at Jigsaw School have the opportunity to complete a Masters in Education with Nicholls State University. We have supported over 50 individuals over the last 12 years to gain a M.Ed in High Incidence Disabilities and Applied Behaviour Analysis.


We are committed to conducting research in our setting and sharing this with others. We attend annual conferences and publish in various journals. Our last conference presentation was at ABAI in Chicago in May 2019 chaired by Emma Hawkins:

Behaviour Analytic Research in a School for Children and Young Adults Diagnosed with Autism and a Learning Disability

  • Evaluating the Effects of Non-Contingent Auditory Stimulation and Response Interruption and Redirection, With or Without Matched Stimulus on Vocal Stereotypy - Kate Hewett, Louise Stock, Emily Peak & Mariann Szabo

  • The Importance of a Creative Curriculum: The Use of Stimuli with Embedded Reinforcement to Decrease Learn Units to Criterion for Early Learners - Hayley Locke & Kate Hewett

  • Effect of Multiple Exemplar Instruction on the Transfer of Stimulus Function across Written and Vocal Spelling Responses - Natalie Leow-Dyke

  • The use of Multiple Exemplar Instruction to Induce Emergent Intraverbal Vocal Responses in Children Diagnosed with Autism - Kate Hewett & Emma Hawkins

We presented two further papers at this conference:


  • Testing the Effects of Multiple Exemplar Instruction on the Induction of Joint Incidental Bidirectional Naming in Older Children and Young Adults Diagnosed with Autism – Emma Hawkins, Grant Gautreaux & Mecca Chiesa

  • Developing and Refining a Performance Management Process to Improve Employee Engagement in a School Setting – Kate Grant, Emma Hawkins, Mariann Szabo & Kate Hewett


 Our latest publication is:


  • Hawkins, E., Gautreaux, G., & Chiesa, M. (2018).  Deconstructing common bidirectional naming: A proposed classification framework. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 34, 44-61.

Jigsaw has further expanded to include Jigsaw’s Centre for Lifelong Learning – a hub offering a variety of learning and community focused day services for adults with autism and related disabilities over the age of 18 years.  As part of this provision, Jigsaw also runs two Enterprises; Jigsaw’s Café on the Park and Jigsaw’s GARDENworks. The Enterprises are designed to invest learners with practical and transferable knowledge and skills to support future vocational, wellbeing and work experience opportunities.



If you are interested in working at Jigsaw, please visit our Careers pages at:



Kate Grant, CEO, Jigsaw Trust

Emma Hawkins, Director of Education, Jigsaw School


Jigsaw School





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Jigsaw Trust

Building 20

Dunsfold Park, Stovolds Hill

Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8TB


Tel: 001 (0)1483 273874





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