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Teachers College at Columbia University,

Graduate School of Art and Science


The program in Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis at Teachers College Columbia University is housed in the department of Health and Behavior Studies. The program has a 40-year history of training graduate students (MA, Ed D, and PhD) in the application of behavior analysis and the sciences of learning and teaching to general education and special education. Our graduates are leaders in applied behavior analysis, the basic sciences of learning and teaching, research, and the development of model schools based entirely on scientific practices. THe CABAS® schools where our student train are internationally known for serving children with learning and language delays, children from economically disenfranchised communities (bridging the educational gap), and children who are advanced learners. Several of our graduates are leaders in those schools. Ninety percent of the dissertations of our over 155 PhD graduates are published and that research has made significant contributions to the basic and applied sciences of behavior. Our research programs include verbal behavior (over 100 studies), a system science of schooling, conditioned reinforcement, and observational learning.

Students who earn M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D., and Ph.D. degrees in general and special education from Teachers College assume leadership and scholarly positions at all levels of professional activity including public and private schools, community and national service agencies, hospital and rehabilitation programs, colleges and universities, research centers, and local, state, and federal education agencies.

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