10th International CABAS® Conference 

March 6-7, 2020

New Orleans, La.

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         March 1 - March 6, 20

General Registration_________________________________________________________________

Professional        235.00

Assistants           115.00                                    

(TAs, RBTs, paraprofessionals)

Workshop           125.00                                  

Flat Rate CEUs   55.00                                                                                      

CABAS Accredited Site Staff: Fred S. Keller School, Morristown, Rockland BOCES, The Faison School, Jigsaw, Behavioral Intervention Group and KAVBA _____________________________________________________

Professional     210.00                                      

Assistants          110.00                                    

(TAs, RBTs, paraprofessionals)

Workshop           105.00                                  

Flat Rate CEUs   55.00                                    55.00                                                   

WORKSHOP FEE includes access to both workshops!

Your Paypal receipt is your confirmation of registration.  If you need an itemized receipt, please email us at cabasschools@gmail.com 

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