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CABAS® Board Announces

Rank Revisions

On October 26th, 2020 CABAS® Advisory Board member, Dr. Jessica Singer-Dudek, announced updated rank components.  The Board has updated the Teacher 1 and Teacher 2 ranks, the Contingency-Shaped Module Matrix and the TPRA form.  The new TPRA form now includes the Curriculum Analysis/Protocol Analysis.  The previous “Decision Analyses” is now the “Strategic Analyses.”   Dr. Dudek pointed out that the new Teacher rank changes are primarily to the verbally mediated module components, with fewer data collections, an addition of a curricular analyses and changes to the tactic and decision requirements; most of the revisions occur in the Teacher 2 rank.  The Board also updated the advanced rank descriptions for Behavior Analyst and Research Scientist.


  Dr. Dudek noted that the Board's need to revise and update the Teacher ranks was the result of new accreditation requirements (e.g., BACB 5th edition task list) as well as subsequent changes to CABAS components related to analytic decision-making.  The advanced rank component changes were the result of the outcomes from prior reviews which illuminated the need to further specify or clarify certain requirements.  This process occurs as needed.  We are now on our 12th version of the advanced rank requirements.  Please contact Dr. Dudek if you need a copy of any of the CABAS rank requirements. 

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Online CABAS® Presentations

Guest presenters from the CABAS community continue to present virtual events and training series.  Currently underway are a 20 week RBT course and a 6 week Introduction to a Strategic Science of Teaching course. Previous events have included webinars on Verbal Behavior Development Theory, the Decision Protocol, and Bidirectional Naming.  A future ELCAR workshop is in the planning stage  but we  want to hear from you! What presentations are you interested in?

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Jigsaw CABAS® School Receives Outstanding  Designation

ELCAR Now Available

The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services, and Skills (Ofsted) has designated Jigsaw CABAS School as an "outstanding school."  Ofsted regulates and inspects schools and other educational entities in the United Kingdom.  Jigsaw was evaluated across the following domains: effective leadership & management, quality of teaching, learning & assessment, personal development, behaviour & welfare of pupils, outcomes for pupils, and sixth form provision (the school’s provision for pupils aged 16-19 years).  To learn more about Jigsaw, click here.

Pictured below are (L-R) Emma Hawkins, PhD, PGCE, BCBA, Director of Education and CABAS Senior Behavior Analyst and Kate Grant, MSc, ACIS, BCBA, CEO of Jigsaw Trust.

The Fred S. Keller school and FASST unveiled the  Early Learner Curriculum and Achievement Record (ELCAR) at the10th International CABAS Conference in New Orleans March 6-7, 2020. The assessment, curriculum, record books, and training videos are available now as a package at an introductory rate. Click here. 

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CABAS® Board Announces Partnership with the Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching (FASST)


CABAS® Board Announces

New Rank

The CABAS board has announced a new rank that may be conferred by the board; the Teacher's Assistant (TA) rank.  The board has approved the new rank  for all  CABAS programs.  The board recognized a need for standard "pre-teacher" modules and solicited input from all CABAS schools in the development of the new TA rank. Click on  "CABAS Rank Descriptions" to learn more about this new rank.  4/12/19

Congratulations to Hye-Suk Lee Park, PhD, and the  KAVBA ABA Children's Center

Congratulations to the KAVBA ABA Childrens's Center in South Korea for earning CABAS accreditation! Dr. Jessica Singer-Dudek (L) presents Dr. Hye-Suk Lee Park with her CABAS certificate.  The KAVBA ABA Children's Center is the 7th accredited CABAS site.Click here to learn more about the site. 12/1/18




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Morgan, G., Greer, R. D., & Fienup, D. M. (2020). Descriptive analyses of the relations between bidirectional naming, arbitrary, and non-arbitrary relations. The Psychological Record. (Online first)


Pohl, P., Douglas Greer, R., Du, L., & Lee Moschella, J. (2020). Verbal Development, Behavioral Metamorphosis, and the Evolution of Language. Perspectives on behavior science, 43(1), 215–232.


Take a look at this book review by behavior analyst Ryan O’Donnell of Verbal Behavior Analysis:

The CABAS board has recently partnered with the newly formed  non-profit, the Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching (FASST.)  FASST's mission is to operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes to support, enhance, develop, and expand the strategic science of teaching.  FASST is committed to supporting CABAS" mission to develop and expand a learner driven science of teaching for all children.   4/12/19

TRENDS Newsletter


Click here to read the Summer 2020 Issue of TRENDS - A CABAS Community Newsletter 

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CABAS® Celebrated the 10th International CABAS® Conference

More than 130 attendees travelled to New Orleans for the 10th International CABAS® Conference held March 6-7, 2020 – one of the largest groups of attendees to date.   Over the course of 2 days, participants attended workshops on an Introduction to a Strategic Science of Teaching and Curricular and Pedagogical Advances for Accelerating Children’s Verbal Development: An Overview of

the Early Learner Curriculum and Achievement Record (ELCAR), a Poster Session, a Keynote Address, and symposia. 

A highlight of the conference was the Keynote Address by Dr. Anna Petursdottir, an associate professor of psychology and chair of the psychology department at Texas Christian University.  Dr. Petursdottir presented on The Asymmetry of Bidirectional Naming.  Dr. Petursdottir stated in her abstract, “Empirically, there seems to be an asymmetry in bidirectional naming that is not necessarily predicated by the naming hypothesis: Listener behavior emerges more readily from the establishment of speaker behavior than does speaker behavior from the establishment of listener behavior.”  

Bidirectional naming (BIN) emerged as a focus of multiple presentations;   Emma Hawkins (CABAS Jigsaw School), Francis Hwang-Nesbit, (Teachers College), Leah Friedman (Teachers College), Faheema Abdool-Ghany (Teachers College), and Cesira Farrell (Teachers College) also presented research related to BIN.

Topics of other presentations included CABAS® implementations in public school and non-school settings,   joint attention, observational learning and stimulus equivalence, emulation, and treatment efficacy, among others. 

Conference attendees were also treated to the unveiling of the newly published ELCAR.  The Fred S. Keller School and the CABAS® Advisory Board announced the newest publication; attendees had first access to the new screenings, curriculum, and achievement record.  

The conference was hosted by the Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching (FASST) and generously sponsored by the Fred S. Keller School, KAVBA ABA, Scuola delle Stelle, and Gotham Children.  The Conference Planning Committee and the FASST Board are looking forward to continued conference growth at the 11th International Conference, tentatively planned for late 2021.


Nicholls State University

ABA Program Recognized 

An article posted on the Nicholls website states " Nicholls State University has been ranked in the top 50 for its online master’s Applied Behavior Analysis program by Texas-based disabilities clinic  Action Behavior Centers. Nicholls’ program is only one of two in the world to offer certifications through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and the Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling Board, which are internationally recognized certifications. " 


TC Alumni Dr. Grant Gautreaux, AsstRS, Dr. Dolleen-Day Keohane, Assoc RS, Dr. Derek Shanman, AssocBA, and Dr. Laura Darcy, Master Teacher teach coursework in the ABA program. 

Click here  to read the full article.

Dr. Grant Gautreaux Announces New

Non-profit Foundation

Dr. Gautreaux announces the establishment of the Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching (FASST.)  FASST is a non-profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The purpose of FASST is to support, enhance, develop, and expand the strategic science of teaching and other behavior analytic initiatives committed to a science of teaching for all learners through research, application, dissemination, and replication, of the science of behavior analysis.  Be on the lookout for the website launch and membership initiatives.  121/18

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Administrators and teaching staff share an insider view of Rockland BOCES’ success in implementing the Comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis to Schooling (CABAS) model with elementary level students with special needs. Rockland BOCES has utilized this data-driven, research-based model in partnership with Teachers College, Columbia University for more than 15 years.  Click on the link below to watch an overview:

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10th International CABAS® Conference Sponsors

Thank You to our 2020 sponsors.




Silver Sponsors

Congratulations to Dr. Doug Greer!
Dr. Greer recieved the 2018 Jack Michael Award for ourstanding contributions to advancing the study of the analysis of behavior.  Dr. Greer received the award at ABAI San Diego in May.
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CABAS® Ranked Teachers Present

(L-R) Kelly King, CABAS Teacher II, Tricia Clement, CABAS Teacher II, Paula White, CABAS Teacher II, Sierra Savoie, CABAS Teacher II, and Lori Scott, CABAS Teacher 1 present at the Gulf Coast ABA Conference, October 12-13 in New Orleans, LA.

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